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The General Terms and Conditions are drafted pursuant to the regulations from the area of consumer protection, the recommendations by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the international codes on online and electronic business. The General Terms and Conditions address the operation of the Online Shop, users’ rights and business relationships between the Online Shop owner and consumers. The GlobalPharmacia d.o.o. reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions and will provide an update of the respective General Terms and Conditions on this website.


Mutual trust is a cornerstone of each and every long-term and quality relationship. This page prominently explains all operating and purchasing conditions with regard to the Online Shop because so we all know what to expect and how to reach an agreement in case of doubt or disputes. In this way, we also lay down the right foundations for your trust.


The GlobalPharmacia d.o.o. team offers all support and provides answers to any potential uncertainties on e-mail address and at +386 69 719 709.


Through your registration to the Online shop, you obtain a username identical to your e-mail and a password you choose yourself. The username and password unambiguously identify and associate you with the data entered. By making registration you confirm and guarantee that you are an adult with proper capacity. You also become a user and so acquire the right to purchase, whereas you become a customer by purchasing a product.


After placing an order, you shall receive notification by e-mail or phone confirming your order. Within two hours from the receipt of this notification, you are entitled to cancel the order without any consequences, or report any errors, corrections or additions to your order that will then be taken into account.
If you notice the error later or you simply cancel your order, please follow the procedure as described under the ‘Product Return’ chapter and submit the statement of cancellation at the following e-mail: This procedure can be followed if you have still not received your products. If the ordered products were not handed over to the delivery service, you will not bear any return costs.

After two hours from receiving the order and no later than 72 hours (on working days), the order is passed over for further processing. The order is verified and the availability is checked before it is definitively confirmed or rejected – with reasons provided. In case there is any doubt, we contact you on the phone number provided during the purchase procedure. Upon confirming the order, you are also notified of the estimated delivery period.
If you do not receive the order confirmation, there may be a technical issue or the information you entered is incorrect. In any case, contact us by e-mail for assistance.


By confirming your order, the purchase and sale agreement between the provider and the customer is irrevocably concluded. The invoice is issued in writing and includes a breakdown of costs and an explanation on the right of withdrawal from the purchase with the return of the purchased product. The purchase and sale agreement is stored on our servers as a purchase order in electronic form and available to you in your user profile at any time. The purchase and sale agreement is concluded in the Slovenian language.


All prices in the Online Shop are specified in EUR, incl. VAT. All prices apply only for an electronic order of products through the Online Shop.
We do everything we can to provide updated and accurate data, but it can still occur that a piece of information on availability, product features or price is incorrect. In this case, or if the price of a product is changed during the order processing, we will notify you on the change, enabling you to withdraw from the purchase and providing you with a mutually satisfactory solution.



The order can be paid for directly in the Online Shop upon finalising the purchase. Depending on the selected payment method, the secure computer system will guide you step by step to enter your information and card data. The purchase amount will be reserved first and then paid at the moment you receive the e-mail confirming the order.


You can pay for the order via a bill at the post or bank or by a transfer using a standard BN-02 or UPN form in the online bank. The payment shall be made only after you receive our e-mail confirming your order, as we cannot always guarantee to deliver the paid products within the desired period. After you have made the payment, you may notify us through our e-mail address, otherwise we will inform you on receiving your payment with a message about the dispatch of your consignment. If we do not receive the payment in 72 hours from the order confirmation, then your order is rejected.


You can pay for the order on delivery with cash or payment card. The remaining delivery costs have already been paid upon ordering the products.


Our contractual partner for delivery of consignments is the Pošta Slovenije and the GLS delivery service. When the consignment is shipped, you will receive an SMS delivery notification and a courier will call you on the day of delivery to hand over the consignment in person.
The delivery cost is charged at a flat-rate, namely EUR 2.90 and, for other European countries, EUR 4.90 up to the purchase price of EUR 80. Before accepting the products, check the visual appearance and number of products and record any visible damage to packaging or goods. Upon accepting the package, always sign the takeover document.


Since almost all products in the offer are delivered from stock, you will normally receive them in 3 to 10 days after the order has been confirmed. The delivery period may also be longer for products ordered from abroad or through agents and this is indicated in the e-mail confirming the order.
If you believe that your delivery is late, please inform us immediately via and we will do our best to deliver the ordered products as soon as possible. If you urgently require products by the certain date, we advise you to place your order early and indicate the urgency of delivery in the comment so we can notify you in the event of any complications and find the solution together.


Consumers can enforce their rights arising from a defect if they notify the provider within two months from the day when the error was discovered. The consumers shall accurately describe the error in their notification and enable the provider to check the issue.

The provider is not liable for goods defects that arise after two years, since the handover of the products. It shall be considered that the error on the product existed during the handover if it appears within six months of the handover date.

The consumer who accurately notifies the provider of the error has the right to request they eliminate the error on the goods or return partial amount of payment in relation to the error, or exchange the damaged goods with an impeccable product, or return the paid amount.
When is a defect? When the product does not have the characteristics required for its normal use or traffic, or when the product does not have the characteristics required for its special use, which is the reason for the purchase, and it was known or should have been known by the provider; when the product does not have the characteristics and virtues that have been explicitly or covertly agreed or prescribed; when the provider handed over a product that does not match the sample or model, unless the sample or model was depicted only for notification.

The suitability of the product is checked with the other impeccable product of same type and also with the statements by the provider, or the markings on the product itself.
The right to claim the defect on the product is defined in detail by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.


If you are not satisfied with our products, you have the right to return them provided that they are in their original packaging, unused, undamaged and in their original quantity. The right to return a product also applies if the products are destroyed, faulty, lost or of insufficient quantity without your fault. You are not required to state the reason for return. However, we will appreciate any feedback that will provide us to improve our products and services.

For the procedure of returning the product: please send us a notification on in 14 days from the receipt of products stating that you wish to withdraw from the purchase and sale agreement and return the products. You shall return the undamaged and unused products within 14 days from submitting the statement on withdrawal from the agreement. The consumer returns the products via post at: GlobalPharmacia d.o.o., Poklukarjeva ulica 27, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, or delivers them in person. The consumer solely bears the costs of goods return arising from the withdrawal from the agreement. For all justifiably (see paragraph 1) returned products received within the agreed period you will be refunded no later than 14 days after receiving the notification on the withdrawal from the agreement, or after we receive the returned goods, or after you submit a proof of returning the goods.

If the products are returned without their original packaging or if the packaging is damaged, or if the product shows signs of use, then we reserve the right to reject the return. This means that you will not be refunded, but the products may be returned nonetheless. Also, in this case, you bear the postal charges. To avoid any complications, we ask you not to take off declarations from the products until you are absolutely sure they are appropriate.

Companies, independent entrepreneurs and other legal entities do not have the option of withdrawal from the agreement within 14 days from receiving the product without any reason stated as the consumers (natural persons).


In the event of a complaint or claim, contact us via the e-mail address Within 5 days, we will confirm the receipt of your complaint and notify you of the time and manner it will be addressed. We will take into account the applicable consumer protection legislation and, during the procedure, you will be notified on the progress of your complaint. We will do our best to resolve any disputes in mutual agreement and, if this is not possible, the disputes will be resolved at the competent court in Ljubljana under Slovenian law.

We are aware that the essential characteristic of consumer disputes concerns the disproportionate ration between the claim’s economic value and the requested time and costs resulting from solving a dispute, which is the main objective for the consumer to hold the dispute before a court. For these reasons, our team will strive to solve any potential disputes by mutual agreement.


According to legislation, we do not confirm any providers of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent in resolving a consumer dispute, which can be initiated by the provider pursuant to the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act. The GlobalPharmacia d.o.o., as the provider of goods and services, guarantees an online shop in Slovenia and publishes the link on their website to the platform for online consumer disputes resolution (SRPS). The platform is available for the consumer HERE.
The stated regulation derives from the Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC (Regulation on consumer ODR).


Although we do our best to provide updated and accurate data, which is published on the website, the characteristics of products, their availability and price may change very quickly so we cannot correct them in a timely manner. In such cases, we will inform you of the changes and enable you to cancel your order or replace the ordered product.

The GlobalPharmacia d.o.o. has the option of withdrawing from the agreement only if a significant mistake is discovered (Article 46 of the Obligations Code). A significant mistake shall mean a mistake related to the essential characteristics of the product and any error deemed decisive according to the custom in the transaction or the intention of the parties, and the GlobalPharmacia d.o.o. would not confirm the conclusion an agreement if realizing such a mistake. This includes significant mistakes in pricing.
Although we try to provide representative photos of products, all images are only symbolic and do not depict product characteristics. We shall not be held responsible for any typing errors.


The food supplements included on this website are not a substitute for proper medical assistance in the event of health problems and are not deemed medically recognised for disease prevention. Products and statements on individual products have not been assessed by national institutions and are not intended for diagnosis, treatment or disease prevention. Information on this website is given only for information and shall not be deemed a substitute for the advice of physicians or other healthcare workers. Products and statements on individual products have not been assessed by national institutions and are not intended for treatment or disease prevention. Textual descriptions of any individual products are only given for information and are not confirmed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) regulations.
If you take any medicinal products or other supplements, consult your physician before introducing HEKA products to your diet.


Upon making a purchase, you confirm that you are fully familiarised and agree with the General Terms and Conditions of the online shop. We reserve the right to change the General Terms and Conditions and you will be notified in this regard through our website.


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