TOP 5 spring outdoor activities

We have finally seen it! Spring, with its warmer weather and longer days, is calling for outdoor activities. Spring gives us a unique opportunity to engage in outdoor activities that will have a positive impact on our overall health and well-being. We've gathered some interesting spring activities that will benefit your body. Which is your favourite?

Travelling by bike

Cycling is a great outdoor activity that can help us improve our cardiovascular health, increase leg strength and our overall endurance. If you have joint problems, this will not stop you from cycling. Cycling is suitable for young and old alike, and best of all, it can be adapted to your fitness level. If you've had a bit of a hibernation and are currently less fit, opt for a shorter, less demanding trip. Choose a route that suits your current fitness level and, of course, keep safety in mind when cycling. Slovenia offers a lot of beautiful cycling routes, so you'll have no problem finding one that suits you best.


Rollerblading is another fun and healthy outdoor activity that can help improve balance, coordination and lower body strength. It is also a great cardiovascular workout that can help burn calories and improve overall fitness. Don't forget to wear protective equipment when rollerblading, as this will help to prevent injuries quite effectively.

Exploring nature

Hiking is a great way to get out and explore nature and get some exercise. Walking in nature is sure to do us good, and it will also have a positive effect on our cardiovascular health. Walking will strengthen the lower part of the body, and such activity in the fresh air will be especially beneficial for stress management or stress reduction. It will help us to Hiking to really enjoy the experience, don't forget to wear comfortable and appropriate shoes and other equipment.

Relax with yoga

If you want to get a good stretch, flexibility, balance and overall fitness, yoga is the perfect choice. It is particularly enjoyable when it can be done outdoors. In addition to the positive effects on our physical well-being, yoga will also help us to reduce stress and relax. If you haven't explored yoga before, go for it!

Roll up your sleeves

If you are gardening, you won't have much time for spring fatigue. In spring, nature wakes up and we have to get to work. Gardening is a great outdoor activity that can benefit both physical and mental health, help improve our strength and reduce stress.

There are indeed many healthy outdoor activities to do in spring to improve your health and well-being. To make sure you don't get hampered by muscle cramps when enjoying these activities, try HEKA Magnesium, a food supplement that also contains vitamin B6, making the combination even more powerful and effective. If you have joint problems, HEKA Glucosamine Joint Formula can help. Whether you prefer cycling, rollerblading, hiking, yoga, gardening or something else - take care of your well-being, take advantage of the warmer weather, get out in the fresh air and enjoy all that spring has to offer!


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